Is There A Best Way To Pay For College?

The article states that you should borrow the maximum amount of federal loans available because they have a lower interest rate than private loans. This is not always the case. Parents need to shop around and explore their options. However, some federal loans are subsidized and private loans are not. If a student receives a subsidized Stafford loan and they still show unmet need in their award, they should ask for Perkins loan consideration. Like Stafford, the Perkins is a good loan since it is subsidized. The reason you ask about Perkins is that many colleges will not offer it in the initial award. If you want to know more, contact our office for the bottom line.

Finding the best scholarships starts with filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Even if you don’t think your financial situation qualifies, many institutional scholarships are sourced this way.

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What’s The Best Way To Pay For College?
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College Financial Aid – Be Careful Who You Trust

I just finished reading an article on financial aid tips and noticed some misinformation. The article states that some high school guidance counselors and teachers will help you apply before you even graduate high school. There are a couple points to take notes on.

  1. Parents and students should never ever rely on these people regarding financial aid assistance. They are not trained experts in the process. Every year I will have a handful of families that come to me after they have filed their forms that were assisted by the high school staff and found mistakes made.
  2. If you file the FAFSA before you graduate, it will be rejected. You need to file the form on or after January 1st of the year you will be attending college. In addition, families need to be aware of the CSS Profile. It is another financial aid form that many schools require with different deadlines than FAFSA.

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Interview With Randy Meyer WCCO Midday Show

Listen to my interview with Randy Meyer on the WCCO Midday Show.  I talk about the current state of financial aid for families, new ways to get grants, financial aid and other assistance.

College Aid Financial Tips

Parents do not have to disclose certain information on institutional forms like the CSS Profile. Students should apply to at least six schools if not more. Students should apply to both state and private schools. All families should submit the FAFSA for all schools. Families should utilize Federal subsidize loans before considering private sources.

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Paying For College

Parents and students should be proactive in the process of applying for financial aid (FAFSA and CSS Profile). Do not miss deadlines. In pursuing colleges, parents should treat the process as a consumer purchase. They are purchasing an education from a business.

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