Best Tips For Free Money For College Grant & Scholarships

Best Tips For Free Money For College Grants & Scholarships

I recently had the opportunity to speak to Christy Rakoczy of Student Loan Hero on the best tips for free money for college grants & scholarships. My most important advice here, start early!

College Aid Consulting Services has been lowering the out of pocket cost for college for 25 years. If you would like to take advantage of our free consulting offer please contact us to get started.

“Plenty of students find scholarships and grants. In fact, college students received a total of $125.4 billion in grant money during the 2016-17 academic year, according to College Board.”

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Free Money For College Grants & Scholarships

Women, Education & Scholarships

women education and scholarships

US News & World report reached out to me for my thoughts on women, education & scholarships. Women should definitely explore their options.  If you want professional assistance please contact our office. We have 26 years of experience helping make college more affordable.

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10 Ways To Secure A College Tuition Discount

College Tuition Discount

It was a pleasure to speak to Farran Powell with US News & World Report about 10 ways to secure a college tuition discount. Unfortunately many parents and students don’t even think about asking for one. Families should always ask for a tuition discount or waiver especially if they are dealing with special circumstances. If you would like more information on this topic contact, one of our staff.

10 Ways To Get A Tuition Discount
US News & World Report


Federal Student Loan Limits 2107 & What You Need To Know

In this interview with Student Loan Hero our founder Ronald Ramsdell discusses Federal student loan limits 2017 and what you need to know. In the article with Elyssa Kirkham, Ronald covers the three most important points parents and students need to know are, families need to plan ahead regarding paying for college resulting in less college debt and more importantly loan debt. Second, the Federal parent PLUS Loan should be the very last option. And third, parents should defiantly shop around at local community banks, major banks and credit unions.

Over the last couple of years we have learned from some of our clients that they have secured private education loans at better terms compared to Federal student loans. If you would like more information regarding loans, FAFSA, CSS Profile or an expert help to better afford a college education, please contact us for a complementary consultation.

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The True Cost Of A College Education In 2018

true cost of a college education in 2018

Do you know the true cost of a college education in 2018? Many families don’t and are shocked when they do learn what they will have to pay for their son’s or daughter’s education. Many factors come into play that determines a total cost at a given school. What does a college include or does not include in their total college cost? How much merit aid will be awarded or not awarded? Another big one is the fact many colleges will shrink their offers in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years as I tell GoodCall.

The College Sticker Price vs. the Reduced Net Price

Paying College Tuition With Credit Cards

I recently was contacted by Emily Tate of about paying college tuition with credit cards.  If you are in anyway thinking about using credit cards to pay college tuition, you need to read this article first.  Contact our office anytime about the best financial aid options to lower your out of pocket expense for college.

Credit Cards a Costly Option
Colleges increasingly accept credit cards as a form of tuition payment, but many experts wonder why.

Radio Interview Best FAFSA / CSS Profile 2017 Tips

It is always a pleasure to chat with the folks at WCCO Radio. During my talk with John Williams I discussed various topics of the financial aid process that included the best ways to borrow for a college education, the financial aid forms including FAFSA and the CSS Profile, the best loans (subsidize & unsubsidized), and why the financial aid system may not be fair for many families.


Financial Aid, FAFSA & Undocumented Parents

It was a pleasure to talk with Emily for USA Today and offer important advice for students with undocumented parents. Their pursuit to achieve the best for their education is praiseworthy. As the article states, these students should always file FAFSA if possible. Even though as a non-citizen, the student will not qualify for Federal aid, the FAFSA may stimulate other forms of aid. The student should always ask the financial aid staff for assistance when needed; they are happy to assist in any way possible.

The FAFSA requires Social Security numbers for the student and parents. Ron Ramsdell, founder of Minneapolis-based College Aid Consulting Services, says if your parents are undocumented, you should enter all zeroes for their numbers.

FAFSA application tips for students with undocumented parents
News Source: USA Today

Good Question: Can You Borrow Too Much Money For College?

It’s always a pleasure to talk to the WCCO team. I would like to share a couple of things that we did not have a chance to cover.

  1. Students should always utilize subsidize Federal loans (Stafford or Perkins). Why? There is no accruing of interest during the duration of their education and the first payment is not due until 3-6 months after graduation.
  2. Regarding private loans, they should be used as a last resort. If they need to utilize one, always shop around. There could be some good terms out there.

Ron Ramsdell, the founder of College Aid Consulting Services, says every student’s situation is different, but you can certainly borrow too much. “The key is families need to plan ahead.” He said families need to consider a few things like the real cost of college, how much money a student can get in scholarships and gifts, how much parents can and will help, the amount of assets from other family members like grandparents and a student’s starting salary upon graduation.

Interview With Randy Meyer WCCO Midday Show

Listen to my interview with Randy Meyer on the WCCO Midday Show.  I talk about the current state of financial aid for families, new ways to get grants, financial aid and other assistance.