Graduation celebrationContinuously rising tuition and living expenses make it apparent to families that multiple sources of financial aid must be identified and obtained for students to pursue education. Unfortunately, the majority of families in the United States who proceed through the financial aid process do not receive all the aid due to them from it’s various sources. Financial aid packages offered to students at public and private universities are based on a form of statistical analysis, subject to misunderstanding and inequities.

College Aid Consulting Services is a independent full-service advisory on financial aid. Our services are designed to lower a family’s educational out-of-pocket expenses for their child’s college education. Since 1990, we have designed a unique proven approach that allows families to navigate through the maze of financial aid. We are able to save families countless hours they would normally spend in this intricate filing process. Moreover, our clients are assured that they will receive the proper answers to specific questions regarding their situation. Our firm has assisted thousands of families over the past 24 years and has saved them thousands of dollars in their college education.

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