Planning Process

We can’t emphasize enough regardless of where you are in the process taking action now is critical. Do not wait until the student is a High School senior!

For your benefit, planning is essential to:

  1. Maximize college financial aid benefits.
  2. Minimize out of pocket costs.

The year preceding college attendance is called the “Base Year”. The majority of information required to file financial aid forms will reflect the “Base Year”.

Questions to ask for selecting a professional service, BEFORE you pay any service:

  1. Does the service have other agenda other than financial aid? (Selling insurance)
  2. How long has the service been in practice?
  3. What exactly are the services provided? What is expected from you?
  4. Is this person an expert on the Federal Methodology, the rules and regulations governing the financial aid system?
  5. Ask for references!

Be an informed consumer!
Look at college costs as though you are about to purchase a new car, every year, for a minimum of four years! Don’t sell yourself short!

Be an informed consumer!
Before you purchase a higher education! You are about to make a serious investment, second to your home purchase. Speak to a knowledgeable expert, one who has assisted in helping over 18,000 families through the financial aid process!