Should A Family Hire A College Admissions Consultant?

college admissions consultant
I highly recommend that most families retain a college admissions consultant when their child is looking to get into a top private college or ivy league institution. The college admissions consultant can be of benefit in many ways including test preparation and college selection, to essay and interview coaching and providing a strong application package. The cost can range from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on the level of services offered, needs of the student and the types of colleges they are pursuing. Ideally like good financial aid planning families should start the process in the Sophomore or Junior year in high school.

In addition most students will benefit from college admissions assistance even though they may not be a top student.

It’s important to differentiate that a college admissions consultant and financial aid consultants have different areas of expertise.  If you would like us to recommend a top college admission consultant for your son or daughter, please contact one of our staff.

High School Junior Students Need To Plan For College Now

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Any high school student that is junior needs to start a plan now to reduce the cost of college.  Beginning this summer, here are five things you should be doing to get ready for college:

Research & Visit Schools

If you haven’t already begun visiting colleges, you should get started. The summer is a convenient time to explore colleges and universities. You should also visit school web sites, attend college fairs in their area and talk to their guidance counselors about potential schools.

Continue Taking Challenging Classes

The most important factors that colleges weigh most heavily when evaluating an applicant is your grade point average and the caliber of the courses that you take. Your GPA is a greater predictor of college success than standardized test scores.

The grades that you receive your junior year will often carry more weight than earlier ones. However, you should not take classes just to get a weighted grade or that would be too difficult. You are not going to impress anybody by getting a “C” in AP Calculus.

Know What College(s) You and Your Parents Can Afford

Sit down with your parents to discuss what is going to be expected from you and them in affording a particular school(s). Knowing ahead of time what your family can really afford will allow a more efficient college search.

Check Out Net Price Calculators

When researching schools, use a school’s net price calculator, which is located on the institution’s website keeping in mind the majority of calculators are not totally accurate. However, they will give you a sense of what to expect.

Take the SAT and or ACT

If your score for the ACT and or SAT are disappointing, consider looking at schools that are test optional. About a third of the nation’s 100 top liberal arts colleges are SAT and ACT optional.

Next Steps

If you would like more information on any aspect of your college pursuit, please contact our office. With our 26 years of experience, we are able to inform you on what you should expect from a particular 4 year state or private university in the United States.