Paying College Tuition With Credit Cards

I recently was contacted by Emily Tate of about paying college tuition with credit cards.  If you are in anyway thinking about using credit cards to pay college tuition, you need to read this article first.  Contact our office anytime about the best financial aid options to lower your out of pocket expense for college.

Credit Cards a Costly Option
Colleges increasingly accept credit cards as a form of tuition payment, but many experts wonder why.

College Financial Aid Awards Are Starting To Arrive

Financial Aid Awards Are Starting To Arrive

College financial aid awards are starting to arrive earlier this year due to the FAFSA  timeline change. Don’t worry about this because it’s a good thing!  Immediately you should be asking yourself are these award(s) fair for my college student? The answer is unless you are awarded 100% of the total college cost you wouldn’t know. […]

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CollegeWeekLive’s Paying for College

Join me January 19th for Paying for College fair. I’ll be giving a live webcast on how to secure financial aid at 5 pm ET!  I’ll be telling you all about “How to Properly Pursue College Financial Aid” including ways to maximize opportunities with the FAFSA and CSS Profile. Register now at

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Radio Interview Best FAFSA / CSS Profile 2017 Tips

It is always a pleasure to chat with the folks at WCCO Radio. During my talk with John Williams I discussed various topics of the financial aid process that included the best ways to borrow for a college education, the financial aid forms including FAFSA and the CSS Profile, the best loans (subsidize & unsubsidized), […]

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Top 12 College Scholarship Myths

These are the top 12 scholarship myths of 2017. Read these to help dispel misinformation about the college financial aid process. My child won’t get a scholarship(s) because there is too much competition. Not true My child needs a 4.0 to retain a scholarship(s). Again, not true The scholarship search starts during the senior year in high […]

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January 2017 College Financial Aid Update

2017 College Financial Aid Advice

This is our January 2017 financial aid update.  This information is inspired by the last couple of weeks and the many families we have spoken to that did not know some of their child’s college(s) had a January 1st deadline for financial aid. The result, some of these families missed the deadline. One common mistake […]

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Top 5 Tips For High School Sophomore Parents Looking For College Financial Aid

These are our top 5 tips for high school sophomore parents looking for college financial aid.  If your child is a sophomore in high school, you may be able to save yourself thousands of dollars on college tuition if you take this advice before the end of this year. We feel the sophomore year is […]

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Positive And Negatives Of Private Loans For College

Private Loans For College

Our office get a number of questions on private student loans for college as parents and students evaluate financial options. We believe the drawbacks are as following: Interest is often variable Less flexible repayment options Student may have to start making payments while they are still in school Higher limit on lending which will mean the […]

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7 Tips On Lowering College Costs

We all know that the cost of a college education is off the charts and for many families affording a college education can be a real challenge. Here are 12 tips that families can use to save money in the process: Compare housing options Don’t buy new textbooks Consider dual enrollment Get a tuition discount […]

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What a Trump presidency could mean for student loans?

7 Tips On Lowering College Costs

  What will a Trump presidency mean for student loans? He has rarely mentioned higher education on the campaign trail, so the future is somewhat up in air. With so much still unknown and to be worked out during the transition over the next few months, it’s too soon to know what student loan borrowers […]

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