Cost Of Applying For College

The cost of applying to colleges can be costly due to the application fees. However, applying to as many schools as possible is to the family’s advantage. Why? It is a numbers game. The more schools the student applies to, the more they are accepted to. The result, more financial aid offers. Therefore, more options and leverage benefits . In addition, you can get some colleges to waive the fee. How? Contact our office for more information.

How Much Does a College Degree Really Cost?
via Wall St. Cheat Sheet

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Financial Aid Simplification and Transparency Act

I definitely don’t see this bill dubbed the Financial Aid Simplification and Transparency Act (FAST) passing for many reasons. Regarding loans, parents need to be more savvy in the financial aid process to retain more gift-aid resulting in less debt with loans. In addition, they need to choose a college based on what they really […]

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When Should You Complete The FAFSA

The article states that you should complete the FAFSA as soon as the form becomes available, right after January 1st. I disagree with this in certain situations. If the family has their taxes completed in a timely manner and can meet the college(s) deadline, they should. Why? One big reason is by using figures from […]

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Should Students Apply To College Early?

The article states that students should apply to colleges as early as possible. Good advice! However, some students will be offered early decision. Bad news here for many reasons for most families. Parents need to know the difference between early decision and early action. If you would like to read a column I wrote on […]

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Cost Of College Education To Parents

I found this article worth posting because it states that there are proposed changes in the financial aid process. One of them would allow parents and students to complete the FAFSA using information from two years earlier so they can file it in the fall which would allow them to see how much they would […]

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Media Ranking Of Colleges Effects Financial Aid

There is now a move by many, including colleges, that want to drop the use of SAT or ACT Scores in admissions known by some as “test blind”. Makes sense to me for many reasons. In addition, the cost of education has risen dramatically over the years and continues to do so. There are many […]

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Is There A Best Way To Pay For College?

The article states that you should borrow the maximum amount of federal loans available because they have a lower interest rate than private loans. This is not always the case. Parents need to shop around and explore their options. However, some federal loans are subsidized and private loans are not. If a student receives a […]

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Students, Parents And Paying For College

I always recommend my clients to involve the student in the financial aspects of their education. Many times I have parents tell me that they appreciated my advice on this. They find that the more responsibility the student has financially, the more they appreciate their education and don’t take things for granted. “Having the student […]

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12 Things To Do Before Going Off To College

We know it’s an exciting time. You’re about to move away for college. And while you’ve probably already done everything you need to do, you should double check. Sometimes we can forget something — minor or crucial — because we’re so excited, nervous, scared or in shock. Here are 12 things you should make sure […]

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College Financial Aid – Be Careful Who You Trust

I just finished reading an article on financial aid tips and noticed some misinformation. The article states that some high school guidance counselors and teachers will help you apply before you even graduate high school. There are a couple points to take notes on. Parents and students should never ever rely on these people regarding […]

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