Recommended Resource: 100+ Scholarships for International Students

Scholarships for International Students

The Simple Dollar reached out to me for their list of “100+ Scholarships for International Students” resource. They wanted to see what advice I could offer international students looking scholarships and financial aid.  While I offered a number of different suggestion based on my 26 years of experience, they choose to focus on my dos and don’ts for international students applying for scholarships.

If you are an international student I highly recommend you read “100+ Scholarships for International Students” as part of your search to lower the cost of the education.

100+ Scholarships for International Students (2017-18)

Women, Education & Scholarships

women education and scholarships

US News & World report reached out to me for my thoughts on women, education & scholarships. Women should definitely explore their options.  If you want professional assistance please contact our office. We have 26 years of experience helping make college more affordable. Read the article Scholarships for Women Abound

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2018 CSS Profile Filing Is Soon Approaching, What You Need To Know

css profile 2017

Like the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), Families can file the CSS Profile as early as Oct. 1 for the 2018-19 academic year. What you need to know: Like FAFSA, each college will have their own deadline which could be as early as Nov. 1 and will vary from school to school. Unfortunately […]

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2018 FAFSA Filing Is Approaching, What You Need To Know

2018 FAFSA Filing

The 2018 FAFSA filing is approaching here is what you need to know. Like for the current academic year, families can file the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as early as Oct. 1 (instead of Jan. 1 as families have done in the past) for the upcoming 2018 -19 school year. What you […]

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10 Ways To Secure A College Tuition Discount

College Tuition Discount

It was a pleasure to speak to Farran Powell with US News & World Report about 10 ways to secure a college tuition discount. Unfortunately many parents and students don’t even think about asking for one. Families should always ask for a tuition discount or waiver especially if they are dealing with special circumstances. If […]

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5 Facts Parents Need To Know About Student Loans

Here are 5 facts parents need to know about student loans.  I want to first mention the drawbacks of a private student loans that may include the interest is often variable, less flexible repayment options, the student may have to start making payments while they are still in school, there is a higher limit on lending […]

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Do You Know Your EFC(s)

fafsa efc

The Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) is calculated by one of two formulas. The Institutional Methodology (IM) or The Consensus Methodology (CM). Each formula have their differences in what and how they assess certain information pertaining to income, assets, and other factors. Therefore, many times a family will have a different outcome in what they will […]

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Federal Student Loan Limits 2107 & What You Need To Know

Federal Student Loan Limits 2107

In this interview with Student Loan Hero our founder Ronald Ramsdell discusses Federal student loan limits 2017 and what you need to know. In the article with Elyssa Kirkham, Ronald covers the three most important points parents and students need to know are, families need to plan ahead regarding paying for college resulting in less […]

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The True Cost Of A College Education In 2018

true cost of a college education in 2018

Do you know the true cost of a college education in 2018? Many families don’t and are shocked when they do learn what they will have to pay for their son’s or daughter’s education. Many factors come into play that determines a total cost at a given school. What does a college include or does […]

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College Aid Consulting Services Featured In The New York Times

College Aid Consulting Services Featured In The New York Times

Excited to share that College Aid Consulting Services featured in The New York Times today discussing appealing financial aid offers. Much of the information I shared with her was not covered in the article. First, why should a family appeal or negotiate for a better award? One reason is if the award is not a […]

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