Why Hire A College Financial Aid Consultant?

Occasionally I am asked, why do I need to hire a college financial aid consultant when I can do it on my own or get help from the high school? My answer is always the same. Yes, you can do it on your own. However, what results do you want in your attempt to obtain more free money? Average or optimum? If the bottom line is the cost for your family, you need an expert. It is common sense here. The family is left at the mercy of two people in the process, the high school guidance person (who is not an expert about anything regarding financial aid) and the college. If would like more common sense advice regarding how to approach the financial aid process and make it work for you, contact our office.


  1. Choosing which college to go to is a be decision on one’s life. Many students have to take out student loans to pay for their education. You make a great point about how having someone with experience in financial aid as a consultant to figure out which financing options will be best for you can help reduce any burden of debt you may incur. That way you can start claiming more of your own paycheck once you start your vocation. Thanks for the post.

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