Important High School Dates 2013-2014

Make note of the date important to you. September 2013 National College Savings Month 6 – SAT Registration Deadline for 10/5 Test 19 – 21 – NACAC’s National Conference 20 – SAT Registration Deadline for 10/5 Test 21 – ACT Test (Selected States) 27 – ACT Registration Deadline for 10/26 Test October 2013 Choose AP […]

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College Aid Financial Tips

Parents do not have to disclose certain information on institutional forms like the CSS Profile. Students should apply to at least six schools if not more. Students should apply to both state and private schools. All families should submit the FAFSA for all schools. Families should utilize Federal subsidize loans before considering private sources. Watch […]

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Paying For College

Parents and students should be proactive in the process of applying for financial aid (FAFSA and CSS Profile). Do not miss deadlines. In pursuing colleges, parents should treat the process as a consumer purchase. They are purchasing an education from a business. Watch the video below to learn more from my interview.

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