Advice To Parents Financial Aid For College

Colleges have classes to fill and bottom lines to meet. Don’t forget that. “Parents need to treat this as a consumer purchase. They’re purchasing an education from the college,” said Ronald Ramsdell, founder of College Aid Consulting Services in Minneapolis. You need to learn as much as possible about a school, its benefits and its cost before paying the tuition bill.

College financial-aid guide for parents

Appealing Your Financial Aid Award Letter

But being proactive with an appeal letter can get the committee to rethink its original offer, sometimes to the tune of an extra $11,000 annually, according to College Aid Consulting Services president Ron Ramsdell. Average results vary, but that is how much extra gift aid one of his clients was able to get for her freshman year, after a successful appeals process with Pace University.

How to Appeal Your Financial Aid Award Letter

Must Ask Questions About Your Financial Aid Package

“You want to get reassurances from colleges that you can count on the same generosity all four years of attendance,” said Ron Ramsdell, founder of Minneapolis-based College Aid Consulting Services.

Getting the most from your financial-aid package

Why Work With A College Financial Aid Consultant?

“Parents can research this on their own, but it can take months,” says Ramsdell, who estimates that he saves families an average of $2,000 to $5,000 per year after appealing a financial aid offer.

Do you need a financial aid consultant?

Finding Ways To Pay For College

Watch College Aid Consulting Services founder and other experts discuss important ways to make investments in helping you pay for college.

Can You Pass The Tuition Test?

Parents need to file financial aid forms like the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) ASAP; it is first come first serve. Parents need to be aware of early deadlines. More gift-aid available early on as appose to later.

Kara McGuire: Tips to pass the tuition test

College Aid Financial Tips

Parents do not have to disclose certain information on institutional forms like the CSS Profile. Students should apply to at least six schools if not more. Students should apply to both state and private schools. All families should submit the FAFSA for all schools. Families should utilize Federal subsidize loans before considering private sources.

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Paying For College

Parents and students should be proactive in the process of applying for financial aid (FAFSA and CSS Profile). Do not miss deadlines. In pursuing colleges, parents should treat the process as a consumer purchase. They are purchasing an education from a business.

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